Centre Of Excellence  - COE

Centre Of Excellence In Industrial Automation  (CEIAT) – Incubation Centre

Industrial Automation systems are automatic control and operation of various machineries and processes in industries with minimal human intervention by use of intelligent control systems. This is achieved by combination of several mechanical, electrical, electronics and computer systems in feedback loop and is aimed at reducing the need for human decision making, commanding and monitoring repetitive process.

Mer Centre of excellence in industrial automation lab is a technology facility with various advanced devices, equipment, tools, parts and accessories that are used in industries. Mer COE lab will bring technology from different disciplines to provide shared facility for various departments to work together ther by bridge the gap between academics and industries to make students industry ready.

MCoIE: Session

Sections In CEIAT :

CEIAT Lab has several sections that cover the various fields of industrial automation. Learning Section helps in knowing the various technology and concepts behind automation. Development Section aids in implementation process from design to final outcome.

Learning Sections

Development Sections

Variants of CEIAT Lab

Implementation of expertise and in-depth best practices of industrial automation to CEIAT lab depends on the type of variants.
Basic Provide industrial environment with basic hardware
Intermediate Higher industrial exposure with complex hardware & software
Advanced Replica of industry with high tech hardware and aids in various development stages.
Learning Section Variants
Development Section Variants

Outcomes of CEIAT Incubation Centre

Helps in understanding the industrial processes and development stages.
Experience in various hardware and software that are used in Industries
Makes student Industry ready
Encourages in new product development
Shared facility helps in knowing other field concepts and technologies
Helps in stand out in the job market